Who You Are

An organization or person who needs to ‘move the needle’ on a business problem. You know that there’s tons of ineffective training ‘out there’ and if you select the wrong person to help with your training project, you’re going to be frustrated with tons of rework and, in the worst case scenario, starting over. You need someone to provide solid eLearning to your audience, starting with identifying business goals, writing a solid storyboard, and in many cases, to develop a visually appealing online course.

How I Can Help You

With my years of experience from building eLearning courses, including a Master’s in eLearning Implementation and Design, I can provide you with a solid foundation for your training project. I’ve worked on projects with large and small companies. I have an intense passion to build confidence in others and would love to partner with you to do this in your company, no matter how big or small the project may be. My biggest strengths are helping you to identify what you need learners to DO and crafting eLearning experiences that will help them practice those things. THAT is effective learning.