Hello and Welcome!

Today is the day that I am launching my blog. With my years of technology, training, and eLearning experience, I hope to offer some useful insights combining the three.

This blog post is just an introduction to who I am since I know you are uber curious.

Personal Stuff
I am originally from TN. I came to Denver, CO on a business trip back in the fall of 2007. As soon as the plane landed, I knew this was where I was meant to be. I made a phone call to my husband and he agreed to move to Denver without even visiting first. A few months later, we were here and we have loved every minute of it.

Work Stuff
I am incredibly passionate about technology and eLearning. Unfortunately, for my friends and family, I can talk about it for hours. With that, comes the birth of this blog. My background is a bit of everything. To name some of my experience – I have been a Computer Consultant, worked as a software trainer and helpdesk for an LMS vendor company, HR Manager, and technical trainer/eLearning designer for a college. I have a bachelor’s in Information Systems Security and am anxiously awaiting an acceptance into an eLearning (ILT) master’s program with the University of Colorado.

My goal with this blog is to provide some insight into things I’ve learned along the way, learn from others, and if I happen to get some freelance inquiries as well, then great!

Me in a Groovy Chair

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