Add Interactive Timelines to a Course

This post will show you how to add an interactive timeline to a course using

Below is an example of what this looks like: 

Timeline in Course
How did I do it? As always, I’ve posted the steps below and a SCREENR.
Step One: Go to and create a timeline. It’s free.
Step Two: Publish and view the timeline.
Step Three: Click the Embed/Share link.
Step Four: Copy the Embed code.
Step Five: In PowerPoint, on the Articulate tab, click Web Object. Enter the copied Embed code. Remove everything except the URL, which starts with http and ends with numeric values (Example:
Done! Ok, now let’s see this in action (if the SCREENR doesn’t display below, click here).

2 thoughts on “Add Interactive Timelines to a Course

  1. Patti – thanks for a great share! I’d never heard of, but now that I know about it, I can envision a variety of fun applications for work and personal projects.

    1. Thank so much, Diana! I’m glad it helped. After posting that article, I found another site that allows you to embed timelines and I like the look of those even better. It’s Beautiful timelines! Have an incredible day!

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