Course Design Inspiration…Need some?

The Rapid eLearning Blog, by Tom Kuhlmann, is about Infographics today.

This got me to thinking about where I go for course design inspiration. Sometimes when you’re creating a course and you start with a blank white screen, it can be incredibly hard to know how to move forward design-wise. So, today, I’ll share some of the resources that I use for design inspiration.

For inspiration when I display statistics, I go to USA Today Snapshots. The image below is an example of how information can be displayed in a very interesting way.

USA Today Snapshot

For base course design inspiration, I have several that I use, but here are a couple of my faves:

Design Moo
You can actually download files free for commercial use at Design Moo. However, I generally just use it for design inspiration. When I see the image below, I think of transition slides that say “We’ve done that and now we’re doing this.”

Design Moo
Design Moo

The Design Inspiration (specifically the Website Showcase area)

This site is a compilation of some of the best websites on the web. I click around and think about how I could possibly use some of the design techniques of the website in a course that I am currently creating. For example, I love the simpleness of the website image below. If I were designing an eLearning course using this design as inspiration, I might bring up the iPhone a bit and use it as my “navigation” area. The word “Sipp” would be my course title and so on…

The Design Inspiration

I learned a lot in Tom’s blog post today, including a reference to an infographic about Payroll and Tax Deductions that actually made me want to learn about the topic!

I’ve displayed a portion of the infographic from Paycor.

I highly suggest you check out Tom’s post regarding infographics. To view the full Payroll and Tax Deduction infographic from Paycor, click here.

Payroll Deductions Infographic
Payroll Deductions Infographic

Where do YOU go to get design inspiration for your eLearning courses?

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