Bring your Whiteboard Storyline Slide to Life!

I’ve been a beta tester of Articulate’s new product, Storyline, for months. I find it to be an incredible product and while I enjoyed the beta testing time, I’m stoked it has launched and I can now share some fun Storyline features on my blog!

This post will show you how to make it look like something is being written on a whiteboard “real time” in Storyline. This same technique can be applied in any eLearning creation program that has a video import or screen recording feature. It’s really more about the possibilities than anything.

Step 1: Insert a whiteboard slide in your Storyline course.
Step 2: Open Paint or another program that allows free-form writing.
Step 3: Make a screen recording of writing something in the white area in Paint
Step 4: Insert the screen recording on top of the whiteboard.
Voila! You’ve got a whiteboard that comes to life!

Click the video below to watch the SCREENR of these steps. It’s super quick. If the SCREENR doesn’t display below, click here.

Again, this blog post is more about the possibilities – maybe you could animate a hand to be writing as the video plays or draw objects that are hard to explain, etc.

Have you used Storyline? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

One thought on “Bring your Whiteboard Storyline Slide to Life!

  1. Great idea! I had attempted that in PowerPoint using motion paths to animate a piece of chalk, but it didn’t make much sense seeing as how the word was already visible before the chalk piece animation was finished, lol. Thanks for sharing!

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