Spice Up your eLearning Course Intros!

Looking for a way to spice up your eLearning course introduction? This post exists to get you thinking about some different ways to do just that! For this to make sense,  you should probably watch the SCREENR below. It’s super quick. If the SCREENR doesn’t display, click here.

For those of you that like to have the steps listed, they are below:

Step 1: Create PowerPoint slides as normal and include animation, if applicable.

Step 2: In PowerPoint, click FileSave As – and select a video output such as Windows Media Video.
Extra nugget: After the file is saved, if you wanted to add some music, cool transitions, etc. you could open it with a video editor like Windows Live Movie Maker and easily do so. You’ll notice some transitions in my SCREENR and I used Movie Maker for those – it took about 20 seconds.

Step 3: Open Storyline (or your eLearning authoring program of choice) and on the Insert tab, click Video and then Video from File. Select the file that was created from PowerPoint. After the video is inserted, resize and select any applicable settings.

Another (somewhat related) option that could make this particular course impactful would be to include a video in the beginning of a small business owner who used Social Media Marketing and how it helped them.

Why is this helpful? Because hopefully it gets us away from boring bulleted introductions or objectives and pushes us into thinking about ways to pull our learners in up front.

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