Use QR Codes to Bring Training Anywhere

Scenario 1: I’m a machine operator at Mechanical International. I recently took some training on a new tool that I will be using today. Now, I’m out on the floor getting ready to use the tool. Good grief – I forgot how to use the darn tool. Now what?

Scenario 2: I sell laptops at Floyd’s Compu Warehouse. The training team put together a course on some new laptops that we just received. It had a lot of information and highlighted benefits of each laptop. A customer is asking me about a particular item, but I don’t remember the features of this specific one. Now what?

QR Codes could be a viable solution in both scenarios. How? I’ll tell you how. Check out the SCREENR below to find out. If the SCREENR doesn’t display, click here.

Step 1: Create a video, course, or whatever you want to appear when the QR Code is scanned.

Step 2: Paste the URL into a QR Code Generator such as Kaywa QR Code ( or Bitly. In the SCREENR, I used Bitly.

Step 3: Place the QR Code (image) anywhere you want (document, brochure, etc.).

That’s it! You’re done! Learners can download and use any QR Reader app such as Kaywa Reader or QR Reader.

What project are you working on where this could be a solution? Maybe a Quick Reference Guide where the QR Code links to software simulation (just in case the written steps aren’t enough)? How about a New Hire Packet where the QR Code links to a message from your company president or a social media site to learn more about your company? Perhaps your business card and link it to your website or LinkedIn account? I want to hear ideas from you – the possibilities are endless!

You will now be considered a genius among others.

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