Interactive Illustrations

Have you seen the Tin Can Cartoon by Float Mobile Learning? I think it’s a very creative way to display information and clean up slides.

A couple of useful ways to use this:

  • Process where learners can see each step. Then, they could hover or click the step (illustration) to see details that go with it. It’s a clean, simple way to get information across without overwhelming the learner.
  • Learning Objectives – instead of bullets, this could be used to show the learner how the course will be useful to them

Check out the SCREENR below to see how a similar affect can be created in Storyline using layers (other eLearning creation tools such as Captivate could create this as well – using rollover features). If the SCREENR doesn’t appear below, click here.

Here are the steps:

Step One: Insert images on a single slide.

Step Two: Create a layer for each image.

Step Three: Insert text over images on each layer (one per layer). Apply animation, if desired.

Step Four: On the main slide, create a trigger for each image (Trigger Info: Show layer x when the user hovers the mouse over image)

So, what awesome ways can YOU think of to incorporate this idea in your eLearning content?


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