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MM Leadership Training

Mindful Mornings Leadership Training

After authoring the book, Mindful Mornings: a movement to engage and inspire your workplace, I created leadership training for individuals who were interested in leading Mindful Mornings in their organization. […]


Sixth Star University

Partnering with Doug Fleener, of Sixth Star Consulting, we created a monthly subscription program to help retail companies maximize sales opportunities to deliver higher sales and a superior service experience. […]

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How to Kick off a Training Program

In this course, learn questions to ask during a Project Kickoff Meeting, how to determine if training is really the answer, and how to create an Action Map. This course […]


Point of Sale (POS) Training

This training was originally a thick book of procedures, which were very difficult to remember – the retention was low. With this new training, learners practice using the POS system,while building […]


Voiceover Sample

Patti provides lively, youthful, conversational voiceover for any type of training module. Her voiceover is included with any training experience Learning Reinvented creates. Looking for voiceover-only for your project? She’s […]


Job Aids

Select a Job Aid below to view it. This worksheet accompanies the ‘Mindful Mornings Facilitator Training Course.’ It helps ensure facilitators are setup for success! Select the worksheet to view […]

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Visual Presentation

A visual presentation that highlights an excerpt from ‘The Last Lecture’ by Randy Pausch. At the time of this speech, Randy, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, found out he […]

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Ignite Presentation

An Ignite presentation is a presentation in which the speaker is allotted 15 seconds per slide, with a total of 20 slides. In this presentation, Patti Bryant illustrates tangible ways to be […]

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Using Social Media to Market Your Small Business

A quick course introducing methods of using social media to market your small business. This course was created in Articulate Storyline 1. While this topic lends itself to structuring in a variety of […]